Plugins maybe cracked - read

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Plugins maybe cracked - read

Postby spyware4me » Fri 27. Jul 2012 13:31:11

As this post says (said), there is probably a tool to decript MC2 plugins (.site files).

If you are a plugin developer I recommend you that you do not publish your plugins anymore or keep them only within small group of trusted people.

How could this happen?
Java is not a compiled language; yes, it has a compilation phase but only to translate the source code into intermediate representation called bytecode.
Since Java language is open technology, there exist numerous tools to convert the bytecode back to source code.
That process far from being 100% accurate but an experienced programmer is usually able to find what he is looking for.
Sure, there are also tools to help prevent reverse engineering which are called obfuscators.
However, these programs make the code only diffucult to read, they don't really protect it, reverse engineering then simply takes more time but is still possible.
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