Forum for your language!

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Forum for your language!

Postby spyware4me » Mon 14. Jan 2008 16:35:25

As you can see, I added non-English forums where you can discuss in your native language.

If your language is missing and you would like it to be added, contact me.
And don't forget to tell me how to say
  • <your language> Forum
  • Do you speak <your language>?*

*- English doesn't have word for this but I'll try to explain it. If your language differentiate speaking to a person you know (friends) from speaking to a person you don't know (boss), use the first case. For example German: If you speak to your friend and want to ask him/her "Do you speak English?", you say "Sprichst du Deutsch?" but when speaking to your boss, you say "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?". I hope you understand. :roll: ;)
*- For spanish users: Vamos, que hay que escribirlo de usted. :P
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Re: Forum for your language!

Postby Juliopp » Sun 21. Sep 2008 23:29:46

For spanish users:
solo se admite catalán, el vasco no, por problemas ajenos a mi, y los demás, lo siento mucho, pero en este foro hay muy muy pocos gallegos, valencianos, asturianos, andaluces... Pd: el cantabro no es un idioma, es una chorrada. Lo dice un cantabro. :mrgreen:
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